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 Rules of the Road

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Rules of the Road Empty
PostSubject: Rules of the Road   Rules of the Road I_icon_minitimeSeptember 26th 2010, 6:01 pm

I know that it is sad that I need to set Rules for this site but what must be done shall be done.

1. No Vulgar Content... Use commonsense if your momma don't wanna see or hear it neither do we.
2. No Harassment of other members.... there is a difference between a heated discussion and Harassment.
3. No Profanity towards other members... I don't care how many funny ways you figure out how to do it with.
4. No Spamming Open Topics... no selling crap in Open Topics.
5. I can see IP addresses so don't try and set up multi accounts I will delete them.

I will add anymore as I feel I need to. Violation will result with a warning. Then continued violation will be a ban. I can ban IP addresses all togeather.
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Rules of the Road
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